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Join our marathon in support of Ghana Ministries.

Funds Raised


What do the funds from this run go toward?

Run4Ghana is an exciting and impactful charity event dedicated to supporting educational development in Ghana. This year, all proceeds from the event will be directed towards building a much-needed dormitory for students. By participating in Run4Ghana, you are not only engaging in a fun and healthy activity but also contributing to a significant cause that will provide students with a safe and conducive environment to live and learn. Join us in making a difference and empowering the future of Ghanaian youth!

Why Participate?

Ghana Ministries is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)3, that’s main focus is on the orphans of Ghana, Africa.  We are called to serve the children of Ghana through education and healthcare with Christ as our focus.  We are currently in the process of building an orphanage  (New Light Orphanage) for the most vulnerable children of Ghana.  

All proceeds raised from Run4Ghana will go directly towards this mission.  By running in this 5k/10k, you will not only be helping financially, you will giving hope and support to children who have otherwise been neglected.  We truly appreciate the love and support that you are giving these children!